✨Styling✨ w/ Leah Wei

✨Styling✨ w/ Leah Wei

January 19, 2017

 We first met Leah Wei in 2014 when she modelled for a friend of ours. Over two years later we got the chance to work with her!  After just a few short hours we fell in love with her fun/sweet/silly personality. Leah is a design student at York University/Sheridan College, during her downtime she documents her life on Instagram and Youtube! If this video of her styling the Isabella Silk Top gets you hooked (how could it not?!?!?), you can go binge watch her other videos here

Love you Leah <3 We can’t thank you enough for your support!
Scroll down to see her fun styling video for the Isabella Silk Top!!



 Here are 10 things you need to know about Leah 

She's a natural in front of the camera...

Haha thanks! Honestly, not really, I used to hate taking photos for school portraits, but ever since I started modelling for friends/photographers I’ve come to really enjoy it. I get to be myself and have creative input. Whether it’s coming up with a shoot concept or thinking of ways to pose my body.  

Her current muse...

I’ve recently been really inspired by @homsweethom. She’s a travelling illustrator with a lot of good advice for creative people, especially women working in the industry. I’d definitely consider her a role model.

Instagram obsession... 

@tarachandra_ I actually found her through YouTube a month ago and we’ve been following each other since! She has such a genuine personality and an amazing eclectic style! It’s so bold and unique. I love when people take risks and wear unusual pieces without being concerned about what others think, and are “body-positive”. Oh and also @borkborkborkf

She passionate about...

Animals/Animal Rights! I’ve grown up absolutely adoring dogs and the love has pretty much just translated to all animals, especially “food animals”. I live right by a pig slaughterhouse so I’ve gotten some fairly close-up view/sounds of the suffering. It really breaks my hearts but also pushes me to fight for social change.

What she loves about fashion...   

Funny/weird clothes

Her go to outfit...

In this weather? Warm layers underneath my black velvet tracksuit and my furry cheetah print coat plus additional bundling equipment. Or a turtleneck and some thrifted overalls with aforementioned equipment.

Shares her adventures and style thru Youtube...

I’ve wanted to start a channel for a while but it was only after high school that I actually mustered up enough courage to do so. I just like the idea of visually documenting my ideas and experiences to share with other people and also to look back on (cringe at) when I’m older. I started leahsfieldnotes to post videos of my first backpacking trip but now it’s become more of a fashion oriented channel, while Seb & Leah was made to share our adventures with family and friends.

In her free time she can be found...

Drawing or watching other peoples Youtube videos, or both.

Her next travel destination... 

I’m going to China this spring but in terms of a new places, I really want to go to the Philippines! 

What she loves about being a woman in 2017....

Experiencing rights that women before us have fought for and the chance to further break down the expectations of what women “should” be for the generations ahead!


Thanks Leah 

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