Our Story

Ethical. Artisan-made. Fairly priced. 

Peoples Product is an ethical womenswear company based in Toronto. Founders Eva Parrell and Chelsea Mazur noticed a gap in the market for artisan made clothing that is both fashion forward and affordable.

Every Peoples Product piece is designed with a conscience. We take into account the people who wear our clothes, as well as the people who make them. Peoples Product is proudly designed in Toronto, and hand made by Fair Trade artisans in India. Our production chain is built around low-impact and traditional processes that create ethical products and sustain the livelihood of skilled artisans. Peoples Product aims to empower both our customers and producers. 


What makes us different?

Peoples Product creates ethically-produced clothing that is fashion forward and affordable. We want to support the artisans who make our clothes and promote ethical fashion by making it accessible to consumers.

We keep our prices fair by staying away from traditional retail mark-ups that are typically 70% and above. We make ethical fashion accessible by selling direct to consumers on our e-commerce website.

In addition, Peoples Product has created a tight-knit local community in Toronto of talented women to collaborate and build the brand with us. We work with inspiring women photographers, models mentors, etc. to bring all of our ideas to life.


Supporting Artisans

Peoples Product was built to create a bridge for highly skilled artisans and consumers. We support and work with artisans that are undervalued because we believe that their craft is a legacy worth saving. In an industry where faster and cheaper is the go-to option for big brands and corporations, we want to empower and protect meaningful handmade fashion.

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We can't do this without you.

By buying Peoples Product, you:

  • support the livelihood of artisans from around the world
  • empower a women-founded business and local community
  • take part in the slow fashion movement that promotes ethics and sustainability