Our Brand

What is Peoples Product?

At Peoples Product, it is our quest to make fashion and fair trade practices work in harmony. Founded in 2015 by Toronto-based designers Eva Parrell and Chelsea Mazur, we believe in the beauty of artisan traditions and sustainable practices and it is our aim to incorporate both into our modern designs. We sell our clothes online and in local pop-ups to maintain full control and transparency of our brand.

The handmade element of each piece ensures that every garment is unique. Using crafts, hand woven textiles, and ethical production, our aim is to connect the global artisan community, encourage fair trade, promote sustainable fashion and look incredible doing it!

Why we started Peoples Product?

Peoples Product started as a passion project, and still is! We love clothes, but we love people more. It became very apparent a few years ago that although fashionable clothing is readily available at all price points, it is very hard to find fashionable clothing that is at a decent price point and ethically made. We wanted to be part of the community that bridges that gap - making cool clothes with a conscience.