Panmai Collective


The Panmai Group is based in three provinces in northeast Thailand, and has about 272 members living  in eight Khmer and Laotian villages around Kaset waisai, Suwannaphumi and Pratumrat District in Roi –Ed province. These women are highly skilled in sericulture - which is the entire process of silk production. Panmai is not only a handicraft product but a product that raises awareness on social, environmental, women's and development issues


PanMai Group weaves only organic, village-reeled and naturally dyed silk yarn. They are are known for their dyeing skills and their commitment to natural materials.


After our co-founders travelled through South East Asia and fell in love with Thailand and the beautiful silks there they found a contact in Tammachat Natural Textiles based in Victoria, BC. Tammachat was founded by women who love Textiles, Thailand, and Fair Trade. With their help Peoples Product was able to get in touch with the Panmai collective and purchase fair trade silk yardage.


PanMai products are priced collectively based on the economic situation, price of raw materials and related issues. Members of the group cannot bargain individually with consumers. Pan Mai does not have Fair Trade certification, but they do practice Fair Trade principles.

The PanMai collective is the only maker that Peoples Product has never met with in person.

* all images curtesy of  Ellen Agger/TAMMACHAT Natural Textiles/