Located in the heart of Kolkatta in West Bengal, India, Sasha has been operating since 1978. Working with over 100 craft communities throughout the state of West Bengal, with 60% women to create unique handmade goods. Founded on the principles of equity, transparency, social justice and environmental concerns. The vision is of creating sustainable livelihood among rural artisans and marginalized producers through the revival, development and promotion of crafts.


Sasha works mainly with traditional handcrafts. All of the sewing is completed on foot pedal sewing machines, no electricity needed. With one collective running out of their downtown Kolkata headquarters the rest are operated in small rural communities allowing artisans to live closeby to their work. Sashaworld employs already existing craft collectives, opening them up to new markets, and providing them with consistent work. Each of the collectives Sasha works with, has their own unique story and standards.  


While on our never ending quest for amazing producers, one name kept popping up, Sashaworld. Working with hand crafts and artisanal work is very important to Peoples Product, so when we decided to take the leap and go to India, meeting with Sasha was at the top of our list.


Sasha works intensively to demonstrate and instil the Fair Trade standards of equity, transparency, capacity building, empowerment, social security and environmental sustainability at all levels of its supply chain


The Sarba Shanti Ayong, also known as the SSA is the development organization associated with Sasha.The SSA primarily works on enterprise development, micro financing,  financial literacy,  health, education and rights awareness within the craft groups associated with it. The SSA works with the groups on Fair Trade monitoring and evaluation. Alongwith specific need based projects for  growth and business development and social and environmental issues. The SSA is Sasha’s sector for identifying new producer collectives that are looking to expand their market access. Working to improve the living standards of their artisans and craftsmen by bringing them under the Sasha Network.